【絶品】 X FREE メンズ MENS フリー NIKE ナイキ METCON トレーニング アウトドア フィットネス スニーカー スポーツ 2-メンズシューズ






ナイキ NIKE フリー MENS メンズ FREE X METCON 2 スポーツ スニーカー フィットネス アウトドア トレーニング (black 黒・ブラック/白・ホワイト)


black 黒・ブラック/白・ホワイト



Merger of Equals The Men’s Nike Metcon Free 2 sneakers are made to support your movement as you perform functional workouts. Fans love this Metcon version that combines the lightweight and flexible features of the Nike Free trainers with the focus on the Metcon (short for metabolic conditioning) functions. These shoes were made for both the daily jog and strength training with a stable cushioned midsole made of a mixture of both soft and firm so you get support whether you are doing heavy lifts or need a soft landing. The all-around versatility of this Nike trainer is loved by the cross fit groups for its functional style. Record Combination The low-cut style Nike Metcon Free 2 trainers have a mesh outer for breathability as you push your WODS or stroll the town. The grooves in the outsole allow for an extreme flex perfect for sprints climbs and changing directions. These trainers seem to have gotten it all right – designers understood that the foot needs support and firm security and delivered flywire cables in the lace up plus the rubber side wraps ensure you have a snug fit. Lastly an inner sleeve provides a sock-like fit as you go from day look to training with this all-around win. Nike Metcon Free 2 features: •Low-top trainers designed for functional conditioning performance.•Lightweight mesh upper for breathable performance reinforced by rubber siding.•Flywire cables keep your fit customizable and secure reducing slippage.•Inner sock-like sleeve for a stay-put feel and warmth. •Midsole is a mixture of soft cushioning and more firm supportive casing providing the perfect balance for short runs or weightlifting WODS.•Deep grooves in the outsole for superior flexibility and movement.

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